Why Women Love RushFit


Women Love RushFit and Apparently St-Pierre's Butt

Rushfit is gaining momentum throughout the U.S. and Canada and across many demographics, but one of the surprising demos is the rising popularity of the program among women.  Naturally, a home workout program with one of the best UFC fighters in the World, Georges St. Pierre, is going to attract a lot of the attention from fight fans.  UFC fans are mostly male, but the popularity of the program with the women who have tried it is just a further testament that you don't have to be a Mixed Martial Arts fan or even familiar with it, to enjoy this new fitness program. 

The perception of some has been that because Georges St-Pierre and his trainer, Erik Owings created the GSP Rushfit home workout program that it is only for someone wanting to become a Mixed Marital Arts fighter or that you have to do a lot of complex Jiu Jitsu or Kickboxing moves.  That is definitely not the case.  Although, some of the movements are related to martial arts and Owings does relate some of the exercises to fighting, there is nothing that requires you to have any knowledge or experience of Martial Arts. RushFit has less martial arts movements than some of the other DVD workout programs that don’t feature the UFC Welterweight World Champion.   

Owings has said that one of the people he had in mind when designing the program was his 57 year-old mother.  He said he wanted to create a program that she could do and one that would challenge St. Pierre at the same time. In going after that, he has created a program that stands on it’s own completely separate from anything having to do with Mixed Martial Arts.  Rushfit includes a lot of the standard home workout movements, (burpees, squats, pushups), but he has also created some completely unique moves that are challenging and make the program that much more interesting.  It’s definitely not a re-do of some of the programs that have been around a while. 

What Women are Saying about GSP RushFit

Online Rushfit Reviewer "SarahR" – wrote that she was pleased to find the workout wasn't that difficult for her and that until actually doing the program she had been intimidated by the program because Georges St. Pierre was behind it, but that in reality he was actually struggling along with her to do the workouts. She found St. Pierre’s apparent exhaustion encouraging.  

“This is a great all around workout. It keeps your heart pumping and muscles working,” wrote online reviewer “Trista.”  She also wrote, “I would definitely recommend this DVD.” 

Some of the things that other women reviewers have liked about GSP RushFit:  The flexibility of the different levels and the fact that you can be a beginner and do modified movements and then as you improve, move up to the more advanced style movements.    

One female RushFit reviewer wrote that she started with only 2 lb weights and was able to get an excellent workout and continue to increase the weights.  

Another plus that has been sited is the shortness of the workouts.  The intense portion of the workouts is 25 minutes with a 10-minute warm-up and a10-minute cool down.  Several reviewers have commented that it is much easier to find the time in a busy day to do a shorter workout than a full hour-long workout. And because of the intensity of the RushFit workouts, the amount of calories burned is greater. Additionally, no equipment is required other than a couple dumbbells.     

RushFit Price Appeals to the Value Minded Shopper

RushFit comes with Six DVD’s broken down into seven workouts: Strength and Endurance, Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning, Fight Conditioning Workout, Explosive Power Training, Full Body Strength & Conditioning, Balance & Agility, and Stretch for Flexibility. There are three different levels of 8-week training calendars: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also included are a starter guide, workout guide and a nutrition guide.  Despite all that is included the RushFit program is priced less than $90 which is about half of what some of the other home workout programs cost. 


The fairer half of this writing team, Maria, finds the program strength conditioning workouts an inspiring challenge.  Maria, who has never seen a UFC bout in her life, is not interested in the fight records of the creators of RushFit, Owings and St-Pierre, but as a personal trainer herself, she was pleased that the program pushed her over the edge of exhaustion.  She also liked the focus on the exercises and techniques without the constant cheerleading that is often prevalent in some of the other more traditional home fitness programs.  There isn't a lot of pep talk in RushFit.  There is some encouragement from Erik Owings but it doesn’t reach the level of “cheerleading”, but more along the lines of prodding.  Maria really appreciated the energy of the workouts and says that it’s more inspiring than the over-the-top cheerfulness that is the norm. 

Another comment from Maria that I’m not thrilled to pass on was that, “If RushFit gives me a cute butt, like him, then it’s fabulous.”   

One criticism that many female reviewers have voiced one way or other is that the every DVD has the same warm-up and cool-down routine on them.  So whichever workout you are doing you are going to get the exact same routine at the beginning and end.   Personally this doesn’t bother me one bit, because I think the warm-up and cool-down portions of any workout program are boring, but if you have to have one glaring shortcoming, this is probably about the best one to have.  

Bottom line (I’m not referring to the cute butt comment) is that female or male, we all want the same thing in a fitness program: Results.  We want a home workout system that works and from all accounts that is exactly what GSP RushFit delivers, no matter your gender.

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