RushFit Results: Why Real Men Love it

Home Exercise Program by GSP

RushFit is one kick-butt home workout program and the men who take fitness seriously are getting RushFit (pun absolutely intentional).  There has never been any home workout program like RushFit and how could there have been, St. Pierre hasn’t been on the scene that long.   George St-Pierre emerged on the Mixed Martial Arts stage in 2004 and has been a dominating presence ever since.    RushFit is for real and it’s a fitness program that all men can appreciate.  Here’s why:

•  It has Georges St. Pierre 

Does anymore need to be said?  He is the UFC Welterweight Champion and considered by many to be the pound for pound toughest fighter in the World.  St. Pierre is so tough that fear is afraid of him.  He can hit. He can kick. He can grapple. And his opponents don’t know what he is coming at them with next.  What other options of exercising allow train with one of the best athletes in the World?  My local gym doesn’t have any professional athletes hanging around to do burpees with me.  But in RushFit you get to do exactly what St. Pierre does, although probably not quite as well. And St. Pierre isn’t just your typical world champion.  He is a world champion who is recognized as being one of the fit professional athletes in the world.  And as you can imagine that is some pretty tough competition.  So you get to train with him and be led by his trainer.   

•  It is Insanely Intense

Not everyone is a UFC fan and that’s not at all necessary to become a RushFit enthusiast, because just about everyone appreciates passion and that’s something that St-Pierre and Erik Owings bring to everything they do.  Owings designed GSP RushFit and he, like St-Pierre is a real fanatic about fitness.  Owings used to fight himself and got so interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he moved down there to study it.  That type of commitment is imbibed in RushFit. He has created a program that challenges Canada’s best athlete.   When you are doing the RushFit routines and it looks like St-Pierre is about to collapse that’s real.  That’s him leaving nothing on the table.  That’s St-Pierre showing us how to train, how to become our best, how to get in the best shape we’ve ever been in.   It’s inspiring and motivating.  

•  Rush Fit Gets Results

Whether you are trying to lose 50 lbs or lose that last 2 percent of body fat to get to 6 percent, RushFit delivers.  Workouts are 45 minutes per day broken down into five minute “rounds”, which are so intense they will force you to bust through the fitness plateau no matter what your past experiences are.  

Even if you are a complete newbie, you can do the easier program and build up to the point you are doing the real deal just like St. Pierre.  Rushfit is a complete 8-week training program, which includes conditioning, strength, flexibility, endurance and nutrition.  The program comes with a nutrition guide. You are going to learn how to feed your body and you will lose weight.  You will probably gain some muscle, but if you follow the plan, you will lose fat.  Just look at the photos on this site of St. Pierre, how much fat do you see?  

Also, check out some of the before and after photos here: GSP RushFit photos.

Some of the RushFit Results are amazing and keep in mind this is after only 8 weeks: Jessica C. lost 14.8 lbs, 19 inches; Dan W. lost 23 lbs, 16,25 inches; Catie B. lost 13.25 lbs, 13.25 inches and you could be the next one to post your after photo.  Just take a good before and make sure you weigh in.  Let the training camp begin. 

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