Rushfit Creator, Georges St-Pierre to Fight Carlos Condit

For GSP Rushfit fans who aren't familiar with Ultimate Fighting, we provide this layman's update on a bit of bizarreness going on in the industry.  He is known to us as the star of RushFit, but to the rest of the world welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (often written as St. Pierre) is a fighting sensation that is the biggest Pay-per-view draw in the business, according to UFC president, Dan White.

St-Pierre was scheduled to fight Nick Diaz and defend his welterweight title on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas.  But oddly Diaz skipped a press conference that was set up to promote the fight.  There was no good reason given by Diaz for skipping the event and then even more inexplicably, Diaz didn't show up for another press conference.  When these fights are set up, the participants agree to do a certain amount of promotional work, which is extremely important to generate income for the events.  With this second no-show by Diaz,  UFC President Dana White, evidently had enough and replaced Diaz with Carlos Condit. 

Diaz then releases a strange home-made video that says among other things, that he "Never backed out of a fight in my life."  He doesn't explain why he missed the press conferences, which he calls "beauty pageants."  Although fighters are often known for being a bit unpredictable, this behavior is particularly odd.  White said that he has promoted over 1,600 fights and has never had a fighter refuse to do press conferences.  He called Diaz unprofessional and said that in setting up the fight he had carefully explained to Diaz that he was going to be expected to promote the fight.  It would seem that Diaz is known as a bit of a loose canon. 

Another interesting twist on this development is the close relationship between St-Pierre and Condit.  They both have trained under Greg Jackson and are said to be good friends.  Jackson has said he will not be working with either fighter and will not attend the fight.  So Oct 29, Georges St-Pierre will be fighting friend and teamate Condit in UFC 137 instead of fighting the talented but immature, Nick Diaz.   And you didn't think there was politics in this industry. 

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