Round 5 Video Sample

This is pretty cool. You can see exactly what is inside RushFit by checking out the video. GSP RushFit provides this on youtube so you can sample the exercise program before you buy it. The workouts are divided up in "Rounds," just like a MMA fight. Here's the description from the video:

"Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT – This video is ROUND 5 – The Championship Round – in the Full Body Strength and Conditioning Workout. This high intensity circuit is designed to burn up calories and simulate the intensity GSP faces in a fight. RUSHFIT sets a pace and an intensity level that's higher than you ever thought possible. When watching this don't kid yourself about how hard GSP is working. This video starts at min 25…he's already done 4 other rounds. This is the Finisher. If you looking to build endurance into your workouts…add this one to the end. Purpose — improve total body conditioning, quickness and endurance to learn how to fight through fatigue when you're tired. GSP RUSHFIT is tough MMA style circuit training – designed as a series of highly efficient and powerful workouts. Each workout is broken down into five separate 5 minute rounds and includes warmups and cool down."


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