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Well the reviews keep pouring in and the RushFit program fans seem to be growing every day.  The company that publishes the DVDs released the other day that they had sales had reached over 25,000 units.    So a lot of folks out there are going through the 8 week program and the feedback seems to be overwhelmingly positive. 

Here is what some folks are saying:

"….these are the best fitness dvds that I own."

"Production quality of the video is excellent, and it constantly shows you a clock to let you know were you are in the workout." 

"If you are a want a challenging, non aerobics type workout video that will help lose weight and improve your overall conditioning and functional strength then this is the video for you."

There are two things that men in particular seem to be responding to favorably about the RushFit program:

Firstly is the intensity.  The workouts are really hard and many folks have commented how much they enjoy working out along with one of the worlds greatest fighters, Georges St. Pierre and comparing their fitness level to his.  I guess we have that competitive nature and these DVDs really bring it out.

Another  things that a lot of guys seem to particular appreciate about the DVDs is that it isn't your typical home workout program that seems to be geared toward women.  (St. Pierre is accompanied by men and women in the videos) But because Georges St. Pierre is the UFC welterweight champion and the program designer, Erik Owings is a former fighter there is no lack of testosterone on display in these videos.   You can do these workouts proudly in the den with out fear of getting caught doing "girly" exercises.  So man up and get your workout on:  





I thought this particular video review was excellent as well.  video review

RushFit: The perfect Aphrodisiac?

RushFit: Better than

GSP RushFit program is a home workout system, which consists of DVD’s and training schedules, and guidelines to help anyone get in better shape. (Here is our complete RushFit Review) Rushfit was developed by UFC Champion fighter Georges St. Pierre and his trainer Erik Owings. The program is widely promoted on television and throughout other media, but it’s not promoted as a “secret to attracting the ideal mate.”  Maybe it should be.  Many people don’t consider that the RushFit program designed by two mixed martial arts fighters has the potential to help you find and attract a companion better than most products or even procedures designed to do just that. 

Fitness is the More than Skin Deep!

Most of us realize that being in shape or losing weight makes us more attractive to the opposite sex, but we probably don’t consider just how strong that correlation is.  Or that being in shape doesn’t just affect the appearance of your body but also your face as well.

The results of a study published in Human Nature (Facial Attractiveness, Symmetry, and Physical Fitness in Young Women – Johannes Honekopp, Technische Universitat Chemnitz) found a correlation of physical fitness and the perceived attractiveness of the subject to the opposite sex even though the subjects body was not visible in the photos. The conclusion, at least as I see it, is that the “fitness” level of the person is reflected in their face and not just their waistline or body shape.

 This isn’t exactly groundbreaking; most of us agree when a friend loses ten pounds, we can see it in their face first, but think about the amount of time money and effort people put into making themselves more attractive which might better be spent getting themselves in shape, which will naturally result in an improvement in their appearance.   The RushFit program is intense and well thought out for many levels of fitness.  It seems to be racking up a successful track record with helping people reach new levels of fitness.  In so doing, it just might be helping people reach a new level of sensuality as well. 

Georges St. Pierre’s opponent

The creator of RushFit, Georges St. Pierre has a big bout coming up and here is an interesting story about the fellow he will be getting into the cage with: Story about Nick Diaz

News on Georges St. Pierre

For those who are fans of Georges St. Pierre, creator of Rushfit, there is an interesting discussion of GSP and his upcoming opponent in UFC 137 at this site:

On Oct. 29, Georges St. Pierre will be fighting Nick Diaz who was the StrikeForce Welterweight Champion for the 170-pound title in Las Vegas.  Diaz is known for being an aggressive boxer. 

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