A No-Holds-Barred RushFit Review

What exactly is GSP RushFit?

If you are not a fan Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) then the Canadian sensation Georges St-Pierre or "Rush," as his fans know him, might not be well known to you.  Georges St-Pierre or “GSP” as he is also called (you think St-Pierre has enough names) was born in Quebec in 1981 has been dominating the MMA welterweight world since 2008.  In fact, USA Today said that he was probably “the Best in the World” as far as his sport goes.RushFit Review photo

St. Pierre was named Canadian Athlete of the Year for three years in a row. But you don’t have to be MMA or ultimate fighting enthusiast to appreciate the incredible shape that this athlete is in.  MMA is a massively demanding physical sport and Georges St-Pierre has excelled in part due to his outstanding conditioning. The GSP RushFit program is St-Pierre’s and his fitness trainer Erik Owing’s attempt to give you the opportunity to train like a MMA champion along with St.-Pierre. 

The RushFit package consist of six DVD’s with seven workouts, broken up into categories:  Strength and Endurance, Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning, Fight Conditioning Workout, Explosive Power Training, Full Body Strength & Conditioning, Balance & Agility, and Stretch for Flexibility. There are three different levels of 8-week training calendars: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also included are a starter guide, workout guide and a nutrition guide.   

What is Required:

This is meant to be a home exercise course so no equipment is needed other than some dumbbells which depending on your strength level, can be from a few pounds (kg to most of the rest of the world) to 25 pounds (about 11 kg) for RushFit Review photo 5the advanced fitness guru.  You will also need a pretty good-sized area, as some of the movements require more space than most programs that are out there.  Other than that, nothing is required.

The Good:

This is a seriously intensive program.  I’ve been a gym rat since I was a youngster and I’ve never seen some of these exercises and many of my muscles wish I never had.  It is absolutely one the most challenging fitness routines I’ve ever done.  The trainer Erik Owings does a very good job of explaining the moves and giving encouragement.  Most of the time St.-Pierre is doing the exercises with you along with a couple other “students.” No doubt one of the things people like about the program is you get to train alongside a famous athlete and compare your fitness level to his.  But there is some seriously good science here as well.  The overall program is a metabolic conditioning system – one that is meant to shock your system and leads to better overall fitness. This type of program has been around for quite a while and many experts will tell you that it really works.  The difference with RushFit and some of the other better know programs is the degree of difficulty, (again these are some intense workouts) and the fun factor or working out with St-Pierre. 

The Bad:

Even though there is a beginner level this program it seems is not well suited for someone who has not been exercising regularly.  It contains all the standard, “consult your physician before…” disclaimers, but it seems unlikely that someone who is not in good shape will follow through with these routines. There are times when I wish Owings would give a little more explanation of the science behind some of the exercises.  And Fabio Coma over at Ace Fitness, which overall gave the program a positive review wrote that, “Cardio Programming guidelines are weak.” Other commentators have questioned the dietary guidelines.


The consensus seems to be that the is an excellent and unique fitness program. Fantastic for someone wishing to take his exercise routine to the next  level.  The program comes with everything you will need (except the dumbbells) and unlike other popular programs there is no attempts to get you to buy more stuff.  Owings and St. Pierre are not pushing their drinks, or supplements or exercise equipment.  That is a welcome change and one that we hope is appreciated by new RushFit aficionados.

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