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RushFit Review photo 2 MaluWelcome to our RushFit Review site.  We are glad you’re here.  If you are like us, you've been really curious about the fitness program by Georges St-Pierre that is generating a lot publicity and TV time and have been wondering if all the hype is really worth it. RushFit Review photo 2

As lifelong fitness enthusiasts and workout junkies, we have both been curious too so we've been doing some research on RushFit and have given some of the routines a trial run and will let you in on what we've found out about the program, the men behind it all and will do our best to tell you everything you need to know, the good and the bad about thispopular program.

Here is our No-Holds-Barred RushFit Review: We spent some time, doing part of the RushFit program, reading researching and finding out everything we could about RushFit, including where the best place to buy it is and what bonuses you can get.  So here you go - RushFit Review


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Belly Fat loss with Rushfit

Where to Buy and Current Bonuses:  There are some Georges St. Pierre fitness programs out there that have been around for a bit and aren't the complete GSP RushFit program. Some of the ones I've seen are just one DVD. So be careful and make sure you buy from this site to get the complete program.  

To Take Advantage of The Special Bonuses 
And get the Best Price By Buying from the Official GSP RushFit Site,

For Christmas Gift

Giving Your Loved One the Gift of Good Health

The home exercise program by Georges St-Pierre, RushFit makes a wonderful Christmas gift.  Getting in shape is one of the best things someone can do for themselves and encouraging someone to get in shape is a wonderful way to show you care.  

The Rushfit program is something that anyone can do at home with just some simple weights and a little free space near a TV.  The program is developed by MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre so it's a program that woman and men will love.  

Each routine is broken down into 5 minute "rounds" just like a Mixed Martial Arts Fight.  This is a great way to not only get your heart beating and give you a good aerobic workout, but it's a great way to keep it very interesting.  

The home exercise package comes in six DVD’s with seven workouts, broken up into different categories:  Fight Conditioning Workout,  Strength and Endurance, Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning, Explosive Power Training, Full Body Strength & Conditioning, Balance & Agility, and Stretch for Flexibility. There are three different levels of 8-week training calendars: beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are also several guides that are  included: a starter guide, a workout guide and a nutrition guide.   

A Christmas Gift that Shows You Care about Health

This is a do it at home exercise course, so the loved one you give it to will not need anything other than a couple dumbbells which depending their strength, can be from a few pounds (kg to most of the rest of the world) to 25 pounds (about 11 kg) for RushFit Review photo 5the person that is already in great shape.  Your soon to be in the best shape of their life loved one can pick up dumbbells at any sporting supply store or you can get them as part of this super considerate Christmas gift.  Other than that, nothing is required.

Why RushFit is the Ultimate Christmas Gift:

This is a very intense program.  It doesn't matter how good a shaper your loved one is in, he or she will be challenged by this program.  Georges St-Pierre is considered one of the best conditioned professional athletes in the World and this program challenges even him.   The trainer and developer of the program Erik Owings does an outstanding job of explaining the moves and encouraging the participants.  Most of the time St.-Pierre is doing the exercises right along with everyone.  Which means your loved one is going to get to train right along side one of the best athletes in the World and will get to compare their fitness level to Georges St-Pierre's. 

But there is also some very good fitness technique here as well.  The Rushfit program is a metabolic conditioning system – which means that it is meant to shock your body and leads to better overall fitness. This type of program has been well tested and many experts will tell you that it really works to dramatically bring about changes.  The difference with this fitness program and some of the other home-fitness programs is the degree of difficulty, Rushfit is harder and has the added fun factor of working out with a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.  

Rushfit is truly a Christmas Gift that will keep on giving. 


To Take Advantage of The Special Bonuses 
And get the Best Price By Buying from the Official GSP RushFit Site,

Post Condit Fight Stories

As everyone knows by now.  Georges St. Pierre came back from an injury caused hiatus and won a decisive bought against Carlos Condit.  

Here are some of the news stories about St. Pierre's comeback:

Bleacher Report

This Bleacher Report story by Jordy Mcelroy has some good insight.  Here's an excerpt: 

"Still, St-Pierre managed to do what he has always done. He dictated the pace of the fight and utilized a masterful blend of strikes and takedowns to keep Condit guessing. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from St-Pierre's performance was his ability to persevere."

Opposing Views

This story also has some video of the fight. 

MMA Weekly

And here's another on what's next for St-Pierre

Bleacher Report



To Take Advantage of The Special Bonuses 
And get the Best Price By Buying from the Official GSP RushFit Site,

Round 5 Video Sample

This is pretty cool. You can see exactly what is inside RushFit by checking out the video. GSP RushFit provides this on youtube so you can sample the exercise program before you buy it. The workouts are divided up in "Rounds," just like a MMA fight. Here's the description from the video:

"Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT – This video is ROUND 5 – The Championship Round – in the Full Body Strength and Conditioning Workout. This high intensity circuit is designed to burn up calories and simulate the intensity GSP faces in a fight. RUSHFIT sets a pace and an intensity level that's higher than you ever thought possible. When watching this don't kid yourself about how hard GSP is working. This video starts at min 25…he's already done 4 other rounds. This is the Finisher. If you looking to build endurance into your workouts…add this one to the end. Purpose — improve total body conditioning, quickness and endurance to learn how to fight through fatigue when you're tired. GSP RUSHFIT is tough MMA style circuit training – designed as a series of highly efficient and powerful workouts. Each workout is broken down into five separate 5 minute rounds and includes warmups and cool down."


Video Review

We thought this video review was pretty good. She gives it a "buy it."



To Take Advantage of The Special Bonuses 
And get the Best Price By Buying from the Official GSP RushFit Site,
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